AGES Radonhaus

AGES Radonhaus is an interactive hybrid miniature model that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of Radon, a naturally occurring and radioactive noble gas. Predominantly older buildings are prone to Radon leakage from the ground below, which can lead to toxic levels for inhabitants.

AGES approached us to redesign their Radonhaus exhibit, which, at that point, was a model house with printed-on information. We opted to create a hybrid miniature featuring a silhouette of a house on top of a large display. The narrow acrylic structure conveys the idea of a model house, while the underlying screen provides a modern canvas for communication.

This interactive hybrid miniature model reacts to approaching persons and is navigated via the mechanical buttons located on the front. Animated infographics explain how Radon can leak into buildings, how to measure it and which countermeasures to take. Information includes quick fixes as well as long-term solutions. After browsing, users may also take an optional quiz to challenge their knowledge about Radon.

2020 • Linz • AGES Fachstelle Radon
Design and Production

Client: AGES
Production: Artelier Wunderkammer
Software and Design: BILDWERK