André Heller Zeiträume

The “Weltzustandsmaschine” by André Heller is an interactive big data visualization platform that aims to bring attention to the crucial issues of climate change and global socioeconomic dynamics. Through a curated selection of satellite data, the platform provides a unique perspective on the impact of humanity on planet Earth.

The platform updates its satellite data daily, ensuring visitors can explore the most up-to-date information. The touch-screen display allows users to browse a vast amount of data in real-time, offering a highly engaging and informative experience.

2021 • Burg Taggenbrunn • André Heller Weltzustandsmaschine

Award: BeaWorld
Client: Sammlung Jacques Lemans
Production: Büro André Heller
Design: Media Apparat
Architecture: Bauer & Associates
Development: BILDWERK