Carinthischer Sommer

Audiovisual performance intertwines film and concert using transparent screen projection and video live operators. The premiere of Wolf Maximilian Liebich’s movie “Das Labyrinth unter der Sonne”, was staged at the Carinthischer Sommer festival in Villach. Here, Ensemble Quadratsch performs the soundtrack live behind a transparent screen, on which the movie is projected onto. While following a particular schedule, individual musicians are illuminated on stage and thereby made to appear within the projection. To further reinforce the ensemble’s presence within the story, the video feed from camera operators on stage is mixed live into the movie itself. Through the use of these sequenced video match-cuts as well as stage light combinations, live concert and video screening merge into one cohesive experience.

2011 • Villach • Carinthischer Sommer
Development and production

Regie: Wolf Maximilian Liebich
Musik: Quadratsch
Komponist: Christoph Dienz
Live Camera: Hannes Starz