House of Strauss

Nestled in Vienna’s 19th district, “House of Strauss” resides within the historic Casino Zögernitz, offering a condensed 2,000-square-meter museum dedicated to the revered Strauss family. Meticulously restored, the venue preserves its social origins with black and white marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and 19th-century furnishings.

Designed by Denis Košutić and conceptualized by Atelier Brückner, the project employs interactive technologies to transport visitors to the 19th century. Multimedia presentations, LED walls, and interactive stations create a concise multisensory journey, allowing guests to engage directly with the Strauss legacy.
The Octagon, the heart of the 1837-built Casino, narrates the legendary Danube Waltz story on a 9-meter LED wall featuring Johann Strauss Jr.’s compositions. The acoustically brilliant Strauss Hall, restored over two and a half years, is the backdrop for the family’s history.
Led by Prof. Norbert Rubey, Prof. Dr. Eduard Strauss, and Creative Director Georg Brennwald, our team ensures an authentic portrayal of the family’s history. Supported by institutions, including the Vienna Museum and the Austrian National Library, “House of Strauss” seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

2023 • Wien • Casino Zögernitz 

Client: House of Strauss
Design: Artelier Brückner
Development: BILDWERK