ÖBB Kulturschiene

ÖBB Kulturschiene commissioned us to create an interactive projection mapping on central station Salzburg. Visitors can use their hands or breath to interact with the generative snow particle effects on the facade.

We used a snow simulation to accentuate the building’s architectural features. After doing a 3D scan of the main building, we used it as the base element for the interactive projection mapping. Snow particles fall from the sky and form shapes to mimic parts of the facade, grow dense and dissipate again. The whole front constantly keeps morphing and modulating into new shapes.

A designated visitor interaction hub is placed in a central location in front of the building. The hub features a miniature model of the train station, equipped with a 3D sensor and a microphone. Visitors can interact with the dynamic snow particles by moving their hands or blowing air onto the model.

2018 • Salzburg • Central Station
Design, development and production

Client: Kulturschiene
Production: Rookies at Work