M.A.R.S. Festival

Using holographic projections, we created audio-reactive visuals for live performances by Katharina Rosenberger and Genoel von Lilienstern at The Vortex in Los Angeles.

Katharina Rosenberger’s performance is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Circular Ruins” and features a protagonist attempting to “dream” a human form into existence. The visuals reflect the protagonist’s recurring dream attempts and explore transfigurations of the human form. Microphone signals of the live performers on stage drive the generative video effects based on prerecorded 3D video footage.

Genoel von Lilienstern’s performance is a conceptual piece about industrial music production, using dense layers of mainstream pop samples. The visuals follow a similar logic while focusing on plastic waste, another byproduct of cultural streamlining. Live audio inputs from Genoel’s instruments drive the animations and create morphing sculptures comprised of the world’s most iconic mass-produced plastics.

The “holographic projection effect” was created using projections on thin acrylic glass wrapped in “holographic foil,” a particular back-projection film.

2018 • Los Angeles • Vortex
Design, development and production

Client: M.A.R.S. Festival
Music: Katharina Rosenberger

Music: Genoel von Lilienstern