ÖAMTC Infotainment

Six multimedia exhibition areas are located on different floors within the new ÖAMTC headquarters in Vienna. Each station focuses on a core task of ÖAMTC and communicates its topic through a mix of digital content and historical artefacts. Unconventional input devices provide playful ways of interaction to the visitors. You can browse car magazines by using an steering wheel or listen to classic ÖAMTC radio shows by dailing in frequencys on a vintage radio. Users can take pictures of themselves and swap their faces into heroic ÖAMTC models. Visual effects are partly driven by live data, gathered from ongoing operations in Austria, which is also displayed in conventional ways. All stations can be configured and moderated through a centralized CMS system.

2017 • Wien • ÖAMTC Headquaters
Development and Production

Client: ÖAMTC
Design: Nofrontiere Design
Production: THISPLAY