ÖAMTC Infotainment

We created a multimedia exhibition for the ÖAMTC headquarters in Vienna that spans multiple floors, offering playful ways to access historical and real-time data.

The exhibition employs unconventional input devices to provide playful ways to access digital content. For instance, users can browse historical car magazines using a steering wheel or tune into classic radio shows by adjusting the dial on a vintage radio replica. Additionally, visitors can capture a photo of themselves as a heroic ÖAMTC cover model and become part of the installation.

Visual effects are driven by real-time data gathered from ongoing international ÖAMTC operations and sensors within the building. Statistical data from operations in the DACH area is also available through more conventional interfaces. All media stations are maintained and updated via a comprehensive CMS backend.

2017 • Wien • ÖAMTC Headquarters
Development and Production

Client: ÖAMTC
Design: Nofrontiere Design
Production: THISPLAY