ZOOM Kindermuseum

The Trick Animation Studio for Children offers introductory animation workshops for young people between 9 and 14. Under the guidance of trained professionals, participants create short animated video clips from their drawings.

The studio is designed to accommodate two concurrent stop-motion workshops, including a drawing area, digitization stations and animation tables. The content of each animation table is mirrored on a large projection screen above the workspace. Supervisors have access to a master control tablet, allowing them to activate animation features for different age groups of children.

The animation process begins with creating characters and other assets using a variety of pens and crayons on paper. The artwork is then digitized through a scan station, after which the digital assets are available at the animation tables. Next, moving objects while creating “keyframes” brings the paintings to life. Participants can also add sound and music through live dubbing with microphones or by using plug-in instruments provided by the studio.

The final movie is automatically published on the ZOOM Kindermuseum website and made available for download.

2021 • Vienna • Zoom Kindermuseum
Design and Production

Client: Zoom Kindermuseum
Furniture Design: Zirup
Furniture: Artex

Design and Production: BILDWERK