ZOOM Kindermuseum

The trick animation studio for children hosts introductory animation workshops for kids between the age of 9 to 14. Under the guidance of a trained professional, children create short animated video clips from their drawings.

We designed the lab to allow for two stop-motion workshops to take place in parallel. Each animation setup consists of a drawing area, a scan station, and an animation table. Also, video projectors mirror the content of the animation tables onto a large free-hanging projection screen above the working area. In addition, a master control tablet for each animation setup allows supervisors to unlock or lock animation features for different age groups of children.

The animation process follows: Children draw characters and other assets with various pens, colours and crayons onto the paper. Then they take their drawings to the digitizing station to snap a digital picture of their art. Our software removes the background and makes the images available to the animating table. The core of the trick animation studio is the animation table. There, kids can place the digital assets within the scene and manipulate them using common finger gestures. By moving objects while creating “keyframes”, the paintings are brought to life.

Children can also add sound and music to their creations by live dubbing using microphones or plug-in instruments supplied by the animation studio. When everything is finished, the final movie is published automatically on the ZOOM Kindermuseum’s website and available for download.

2021 • Vienna • Zoom Kindermuseum
Design and Production

Client: Zoom Kindermuseum
Furniture Design: Zirup
Furniture: Artex

Software and Design: BILDWERK