ZOOM Kindermuseum

Children draw, scan their paintings and animate them digitally. The ZOOM Kindermuseum in Vienna hosts weekly workshops in which groups of 9-14-year-old children get creative and realize their own animated movie. Under the guidance of an artist, they conceptualize a storyline, draw their characters and then animate them together. The digitized images are placed on the animation table and can be manipulated using common finger gestures. By moving objects while creating “keyframes”, the paintings are brought to life. Children can add sound to their creations by live dubbing with microphones or plug-in instruments. The final movie can then be automatically published on the ZOOM Kindermuseum’s website.

2021 • Vienna • Zoom Kindermuseum
Design and Production

Client: Zoom Kindermuseum
Furniture Design: Zirup
Furniture: Artex

Software and Design: BILDWERK