Interactive Logo

This large-scale touch-sensitive wall projection lets users manipulate virtual objects within an interactive physics simulation and generates lively elastic physic effects.

We created this interactive object to use as a starting point for customer presentations at our office. The goal was to find a straightforward way to convey the company’s main focus in a short and playful user interaction.

An interactive physics engine simulates a sliced version of the company logo. Each fragment is attached to elastic bands and tries to snap back into its original position. When manipulated, the individual parts try to rearrange themselves and produce nice elastic physics effects.

The reflection in the 3D objects is a live video feed of a camera outside the presentation room. It is streamed directly into the simulation for real-time reflections. We use an industrial LiDAR unit for multitouch tracking over the whole wall surface.

2018 • Vienna • Große Mohrengasse
Design and development

Production: THISPLAY