Point of View

The interactive piece “Point of View” is a virtual, time-based, architectural playground. Visitors join a dialogue with the room, which reacts to body movement, becoming an actor.

At first glance, they seem to stand in the virtual representation of an apartment room with windows and doors. While exploring their surroundings, something starts feeling a little bit off. Parts of the room seem to latch onto the user’s body parts. Moving through the room distorts perspective as vanishing lines bend with the user’s body. The interplay of action and reaction transforms the space into a walk-in sculpture. Visitors enter a spatial conversation with the virtual hull and create unique places and shapes through their spatial interactions.

The virtual architectural playground uses the 3D scan of a room, while body tracking is done via Kinect. In addition, a binaural sound engine generates 3D spatial sound effects inside the simulation.

2018 • Vienna • Alte Post
Design, development and production

University of Applied Arts: The Essence